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Yogic philosophy, like Shamanic, is based on the principle that everything is permeated by Supreme Universal Spirit of which the individual spirit is a part.  The purpose of yoga is to still the mind so that the individual spirit can be in connection with the Divine.  In that connection freedom and peace are realized.

To that end, the ancient practice of yoga uses movement, breath work and meditation to strengthen and quiet the body, still the mind, open and balance the energy pathways, and to connect physical, mental and emotional self with the divine self and ultimately with Spirit.

One-on-one yoga classes are individually tailored to meet the needs and the goals of the client and may address any or everything from stress, injury, flexibility, strength, mental, physical or emotional fatigue, distractibility, to asana (pose) instruction, correct alignment and meditation.

Trained and certified through Yogaworks, Moksha Yoga Shala, and Pathfinder Institute, I have been teaching both public and private yoga classes since 1998.  I've taught in the public school setting from middle school through college, in gyms and at yoga studios, in retreat settings, and one-on-one in my studio and in people's homes.  I currently teach classes and offer private yoga instruction at my studio at The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta.  

If  you are interested in one-on-one or small group yoga, you may call me at (925) 914-1366   or you can CLICK HERE  to email me.