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The Nustas Karpay in Peru

The Nustas Karpay is a series of Andean initiations into the Sacred Feminine Energies of the Earth and transmissions of the Nustas’ gifts, sown as seeds of light into one’s energy body.

 Though these initiations are informed by the Andean culture from which they originated, the Nusta energies are universal: they are found everywhere on Earth.  We are surrounded by them in our home at the Sanctuary in Mount Shasta.

When Don Mariano, one of our teachers, asked us to begin  offering these transmissions in the U.S., We decided to first make a pilgrimage to  the places in the Andes where our teacher feels greatest connection with the Nustas.

The purpose of this pilgrimage was to formally offer our selves in service to the Nustas, to further deepen our connections with them,and to receive their blessings  as we embarked upon offering the Nustas Karpay.