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SHAMANISM Energy Medicine


Shamanic Journey





The Shamanic perspective is predicated on a deep reverence for the spirit that infuses all things: humans, animals, plants, the earth, water bodies, forces of nature, and beings from spiritual realms.  Historically it has been the primary job of the shaman to foster and maintain sacred reciprocity between the world of humans and the Nature and Spirit worlds.  

The shaman often also functions as a healer, calling on guides and helpers from the unseen worlds and going into a trance state to access information and guidance and to effect healing. Shamanic Energy Medicine tools  address the power loss, soul loss, and energetic interference that arise from our life experiences.

Journeying is a tool that helps us access our own power and inner guidance  and allows us to receive wisdom, guidance and healing from the spirit realms.

The Apprenticeship program for the Pachakuti Mesa tradition offers deep immersion into  powerful wisdom teachings and initiations into the three Worlds of the Andean cosmovision.   You are guided through the creation and empowerment of an individual mesa (alter), a powerful tool for the cultivation of a  deeper relationship with the Unseen realms.

At the Sanctuary here in Mt. Shasta we offer classes, workshops, and ceremonies from Earth-honoring wisdom traditions.  Our community Despacho (gratitude) and full moon ceremonies help maintain harmony within ourselves, our communities and with the Unseen realms. The profound transmissions of the Nustas Karpay, initiations into the Sacred Feminine Energies of the Earth, awaken and connect us deeply with our own power, voice and creativity. The teachings and initiations of the two ancient Peruvian lineages that make up the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, the PMT, deepen our relationship with the unseen world and offer many tools for healing.


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