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 I offer private sessions to people wanting to change their relationship with themselves and others, to those who want to free themselves from the pain, trauma, addiction, low energy, and low self esteem that keep them from fully participating in life. Drawing from Depth Hypnosis, Shamanism and yoga, I support and guide my clients as they do the healing work necessary to restore their power and come into alignment with the divine light that shines from within them.

Each of these modalities offers unique tools with which we can address the ways that they have constricted around pain and trauma, and shut themselves off from their own life force energy, their own power and their own divine light.  Using age and past life regression of Depth Hypnosis, extraction and illumination, soul and power retrieval, the journey process and ceremonies of shamanic tradition, and individualized plan of breathwork and movement from yoga, together we release the trauma, let life force energy and light flow into once-constricted areas, and reconnect them with their own power.

I work with individuals, couples and families.  These 90 minute sessions are in-office in Mt. Shasta, CA, or by phone or skype.

Please contact me to arrange a no charge consultation to explore whether this work is right for you.

Ray Nobriga and I facilitate regular despacho ceremonies honoring moon cycles, Mother Earth, and community, and facilitate quarterly drumming circles.  I also co-create and  facilitate ceremonies honoring life transitions, from baby blessings, to sending children off to college to memorial services.  

I teach classes and workshops on various aspects of Shamanism.  The intention of all of these classes is to explore, deepen and broaden our relationships with the worlds of nature and Spirit and with ourselves.  I teach the Shamanic Journey, creating and working with an alter, creating ceremonies for various purposes, the Rites of the Sacred Feminine, and Sacred Drama.

I also conduct private and small group yoga instruction and teach yoga workshops.  

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