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The DESPACHO ceremony is an ancient Andean prayer ceremony wherein prayers of thanks and prayers for support are anchored into various ingredients, then artfully arranged into a beautiful mandala and offered to the natural and spirit worlds, usually in a fire ceremony.   Despacho ceremonies are offered for many occasions: to honor life transitions, to ask for support in a new endeavor, to give thanks for or ask blessings for a new baby, a marriage, etc.  

Our despacho ceremonies are held on or near a full moon in our lodge at the Sanctuary at Mt Shasta and provide a space to offer all of our prayers, our requests for support and our gratitude.  

  We gladly accept offerings of despacho ingredients - tobacco, perfect bay leaves,  flowers or donations.  Please bring a jacket as the evenings get cool and a sound maker if you wish.

Please RSVP if you would like to come and we will give you directions.