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The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, the PMT, is rooted in two ancient shamanic lineages of Peru – the San Pedro Curanderismo of its north coast and  the Kamasqa Paqokuna Tradition of the Andean highlands.  These two lineages were seeded in don Oscar Miro-Quesada through his profound apprenticeship with his teachers, maestros curanderos don Celso Rojas Palomino and don Benito Corihuamán Vargas, and through his equally dedicated and direct learning from the Unseen Realms.  The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition has evolved steadily out of these experiences and the insights of the sacred community that has become the collective repository for the tradition.

This tradition is grounded in the recognition that we are all of us part of a great animate, living universe wherein our growth, our very survival, depends on learning to live in sacred reciprocity with the rest of the beings in our universe.   The Pachakuti Mesa, an alter-like collection of shamanically invested artifacts, is at once a beautiful imaginal map of the universe and the prime medium through which a relationship of sacred reciprocity with the energies of the unseen worlds can be developed and deepened.  It is the instrument through which we can ritually and ceremonially engage and harness spiritual wisdom and power for personal and planetary healing.


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Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal & Planetary Renewal