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From the Shamanic perspective, the issues in our lives that we want to fix, whether it be lack of energy and focus, anxiety, fears, relationship problems or addiction, are all symptoms of imbalance created by power loss, soul loss, or energetic interference, and often a combination of them.  

Power loss and soul loss occur in reaction to some kind of trauma, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, and are often characterized by loss of physical energy, lack of mental focus, lack of interest in life, and often by addictive patterns.  Power retrieval and soul retrieval are the Shamanic tools for restoring balance.

Energetic interference is when a person is affected by energy not his own.  It could be aspects of another’s personality that he has adopted or that have overtaken him.  The work here is to remove the interference and restore the person’s own power.

Addiction (to work, to sadness, to drugs) is particularly interesting.  It starts as a medication for soul or power loss and taken on to try and reproduce the loss in a controlled way, even to erase it.  Addiction, though, acting like energetic interference, takes over control, and the person loses choice over how she uses her life force energy.

By clearing the light body  of interfering energetic systems and imprints from past trauma, and by restoring “lost” soul parts and  reconnecting with our own innate wisdom, we can recover our access to our own source of power, our own light and our connection with the divine.

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