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Depth hypnosis is a powerful, innovative therapeutic model, combining shamanism, hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology and Buddhist philosophy to access our own innate knowing and personal power.  It allows us to step outside the constraints of the conscious mind, reconnect with our innate wisdom and power, and from that place, find and bring healing to trauma and energetic blocks experienced on our soul's path to consciousness.   

In a Depth Hypnosis session, I guide my clients into an altered state where they are  able to perceive more about themselves than they normally would.  By following the path of an issue being presented, we can uncover the origins and affect healing.


I see clients at my office at the Sanctuary  at Mt. Shasta and do phone and Skype sessions.  

To set up a no - fee consultation or  an appointment, please call me or    CLICK HERE    to email me.