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Apacheta ceremony to protect spirit of home

Ceremony is the sacred dance that connects us with all of life.  Through ceremony we honor and cultivate our relationship with the unseen world, with the communities with which we are engaged, and with our own guidance.  With our prayers and offerings, we express gratitude, ask for help and support, and offer our work and ourselves to a higher purpose. It is an expression of the ayni (sacred reciprocity) that we are cultivating with the world of spirit, and an acknowledgement of our place in the universe.

Ceremonies marking lunar and seasonal changes (full moon, equinox and solstice) are opportunities to honor the Spirits of Nature and Pachamama (Mother Earth), give thanks for what we have, release what no longer is working, and call in the life that we want.

The Despacho Ceremony is one of the primary ceremonies of the Andean shamanic tradition.  A variety of items from the animal, plant and mineral kingdom, in addition to man-made products, are consecrated and infused with prayer, arranged in a beautiful mandala, and offered to the spirit world in ayni.

The people of the Andes create these ceremonies on behalf of individuals, families and the greater community for a variety of occasions:  to mark significant  times in Earth cycles, to support major life transitions, to support healing, to manifest abundance or success with a new venture, or before undertaking an important task, a journey or a pilgrimage.


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